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While we might have added other hidden numbers games in this category before, that does not matter, since 101 Dalmatians Finding Numbers is a game that uses a different format from the one that we have added earlier, and not only that, but it also has images taken from the live-action adaptation of 101 Dalmatians, not the animated one, like you have seen in the first game, so here you have even more reason why not to miss out on playing this game. Surely you will give it a try, so right now we are going to explain it, so if you read, you are not going to have troubles playing the game at all! You are going to use the mouse, and when you find hidden numbers in the images, click on them, which removes them, as well as earns you 50 points in return. You lose 15 points each time that you click where there are no numbers, so be careful not to let that happen too much. You are also timed, so try to finish each level as quickly as possible! Wait no more, try the game right now, and then come back tomorrow, when we will be here with even more awesome games for you all!


Use the mouse.


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