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Pianist is at the same time one of our newest music games and skill games, which is why we knew that we had to bring it over, since we are sure that it is going to represent quite a lovely experience for all those who play it, since we can totally say that this was the case for us when we gave it a try, which is why it can now also be found on our website, where the game can now be played by thousands of children all over the world, who will surely not be disappointed. To make sure of that, the next part of this description is going to explain the gameplay of such a game, so make sure you read it to the end! Well, first you are going to have to pick the song that you want to play at this classical instrument. From the top of the game screen there are going to be notes falling down, falling towards keys on the piano, and you have to press the corresponding letter key on the keyboard, in order to play the notes at the correct time, to play the song as it should be. You will do great if you concentrate, so start right now, only on our website!


Use the keyboard.


Pianist Walkthrough

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