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In the Disney XD Games category from our website you are all right now invited to check out a brand new game we have added, called Rock Paper Scissors Battle, where your favorite characters from this network are going to have a battle with this game, in which, of course, you are going to take part in as well, as you get to be one of these characters. This means that this game will also be included in categories such as : Wander Over Yonder Games, Gravity Falls Games, Star Vs The Forces of Evil Games, and Pickle and Peanut Games. If you want to learn how this game works, so that you play it with ease, make sure that you read this description here to the end! You are going to battle against teams of villains. You have to remember the rock-paper-scissors equivalent for each team. Before the countdown ends, choose one of them, and it will be paired with what the opponent chose. If you beat his item, you win and advance. Some have favorite moves, so try and remember them and use them to your advantage. If you lose three times against a team, you have to start all over again. Good luck, and we hope that you are going to win each battle you take part in!


Use the mouse.


Disney XD: Rock Paper Scissors Battle Walkthrough

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