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Sticker Defender is the name of the latest game our team has added today into the Disney XD Games category, which we know for a fact is a very popular category of games from our website, and games that involve multiple characters from multiple shows on the channel are usually really well received, just like it is going to be the case with this one, which will also be found in categories like Future Worm Games, Gravity Falls Games, Pickle and Peanut Games, Wander Over Yonder Games, Star Vs the Forces of Evil Games. It is going to be a strategy game, or rather said, a tower defense game, where you use stickers, and we are now going to explain just how, so pay attention to this to the end! Well, you are going to place stickers from your inventory to fight the invading enemies. Your goal is to stop them in their tracks before they manage to tear down the gate. Yellow stickers deal the most damange, but they only work at close contact. Blue ones have more damange, but they can work from a distance. The green ones deal minor damange, but slow down enemies. When enemies are defeated, coins are left behind, so click on them to collect them. Now you know what to do, so start playing, start having fun, and good luck!


Use the mouse.


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