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Get ready for a few days filled with lots of new and awesome Gumball Games, since we want to make sure that this category is as complete as possible, which is why right now each and every one of you gets the opportunity of playing a game called Suburban Karate Master, in which you are going to help Gumball become a karate master, which is something that he had always wanted to be. You are going to have a game filled with action and adventure, and if you want to do great at it, make sure that you read this description to the end, carefully! Use the up arrow key to jump, the down one to duck, as you have to avoid all sorts of obstacles, moving or not, and if you want to attack, use the space bar. Get to the end of each level, defeating any enemies in your way. If you collect four batteries you get to use a special attack, which is going to be very helpful at times, and help you complete the level faster than usual. That's basically it, so now that you know all this, do not hold back, try the game right now, and then maybe try out the other Cartoon Network Games of our website, since they are totally worth your time!


Use the arrow keys and space bar.


Suburban Karate Master Walkthrough

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sam The noob+master 16.11.2018 02:47

good game for kids and adults

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