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Since we know that there are lots of fans of Regular Show Games on our website, and that there are still games featuring these beloved Cartoon Network characters that we can provide you with, today we decided to share with each and every one of you a game called RigBMX 2, which is a game that is a sequel to a game we already have, which we have seen has been very well received on our website, so adding this one is certainly a great idea, and we have no doubt it is going to be played by many. Because of that, let us now explain how it works, after which you will be able to do a great job at it! Rigby is going to trade his normal legs for a bmx bicycle, which you get to control using the arrow keys, and if you want to whip your tail, use the space bar. The goal is to get to the end of each level, and do it so without crashing. because there are pits along the way, as well as different obstacles. The faster you are in reaching the end, the more tricks you make along the way, the better, because these things will determine how well you did in each level. Good luck, and we hope you will enjoy this game just like we have done!


Use the arrow keys and space bar.


RigBMX 2 Walkthrough

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