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Snow Brawl is a game that belongs to the Disney XD Games category, in addition to categories such as Kick Buttowski Games, Pair of Kings Games, Kickin' It Games, and Phineas and Ferb Games, and the reason for that is because this game is going to include characters from all of these characters, with whom you get to take part in a snow brawl, which is a snow ball throwing battle between two sides, and we are sure that you are going to have lots of fun in this game. To make sure of that, we will now explain it, so make sure that you pay attention! First you choose your team, the teams being made up of two characters from each show. You click and drag the cursor near the sling shot and release when you want to throw the ball. For each direct hit you get points in return, and to win a match you need to defeat the other team twice. Destroy the forts of the enemies, because power-ups are found there, and they are always very useful. When the opponent's energy bar is completely drained, you will have won. Now that you know all this, you are ready to start the fun immediately, only on our website, where fun never stops!


Use the mouse.


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jhjyhujfd 20.05.2018 11:46

ut takes to long to load

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