Hard Hat Hustle


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For a last time today we are returning to the Gumball Games category on our website, where we know that you love playing Cartoon Network Games as much as possible, which is why when we came upon this new game, or rather old game to be honest, which we did not have already on our website, we knew it had to be shared with everyone on our website, which means that it is going to be played by countless of children from all over the world, who are definitely going to enjoy it a lot, especially if they first learn how to play it by reading this description carefully, to the end! Darwin keeps getting lost, so she needs your help to get back. Use the arrow keys to move, and the space bar to jump. In each level you are going to control Gumball, having to go around and collect all of the colored orbs on the path, and then using the worm-holes in order to reach where Darwin is, because otherwise she is lost. When you reach her, you will have completed the level. Wait no more, start this game right now, and make sure to check out other Gumball Games from our website as well, because we have many, all of them really fun!


Use the arrow keys.


Hard Hat Hustle Walkthrough

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