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Fans of Gumball Games, rejoice! Right now on our website we have returned to this category of Cartoon Network Games, for which we right now want to offer you all a game called Downhill Dash, which is the second game we have added into this category today, and since the first one has already been played quite a lot of times, we are absolutely sure that the same thing is going to apply to this one as well, which is equally awesome! We are now going to explain it, so make sure that you pay attention to this description carefully! You are going to use a snowboard and go downhill on a snowy hill, together with Gumball, which is a very fun experience, trust us on that. You are going to use the four arrow keys to control him. Along the way down hill you have to make sure to avoid obstacles in your path, since there will be plenty of them, but also try and collect as many stars as you can, since they provide you with speed boost, which is very important. That's it for the instructions, so we invite you to start playing the game right now, and have fun like only on our website it is possible!


Use the arrow keys.


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