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Back2Back is a game belonging to the Strategy Games and Robot Games categories from our website, both of which are really great on their own, so we have no doubt at all that combining them together results in an even better experience, and we can tell you that from our own experience with the game, which we have played just before adding it to our website, which is why it is now here, and so many of you get to enjoy it and have a great time playing it. You must want to learn how to play it before starting the game, so find out from the next part of this description. The game is set in the future, where you are going to be the leader of a squad of space marines, whom you have to direct so that you defeat all of the robots who are going to attack you. It is a strategy game where you are going to use the mouse to interact, with which you are going to place units, use them, and try to win each battle, so that you are then able to upgrade your forces and become better in dealing with any enemies, because they also get stronger. Start now, have fun, and come back tomorrow as well, when a bunch of new games will be waiting for you!


Use the mouse.


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