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Today on our website you will get the opportunity of playing not one, but two new Gumball Games, since we know how much you love these Cartoon Network Games, so more of them, the better for everyone! Yes, you read that right, so get yourself ready for an amazing day, especially if you are huge fans of this show, just like we know that there are all over the world, without a doubt. Water Sons is a game we are very happy we finally have, so we will not waste any more time, but explain it right now, so you can begin it immediately, and let the fun begin! The residents of Elmore can not do almost anything, and the reason for that is because it is really hot outside, so Gumball decided to save them by throwing water balloons at them and coll them off. You will be the one able to do that in this game and help the character. You use the mouse to aim and shoot your water balloon gun, with which you should try to get each target in each level, and the better and faster you do it, the more points you are going to get in return. We are sure you will do great, so start right now, and then stay with us, as more awesomeness is on it's way!


Use the mouse.


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