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Well, we did promise multiple new Gumball Games on our website today, and we always make sure to respect our promises, which is why right now on our website each and every one of you gets the chance of playing the game called Spit Ball Wars, which we are sure that you are going to enjoy greatly, because it is a game from this Cartoon Network Games category unlike you have played before, so it is a chance we hope you will not miss out on. Surely you won't, so let us next explain the format of the game, so that you do a really great job at it! You are going to use the mouse to shoot spit balls at as many of the students as you can, before the time granted for that runs out on you. For some you will have to shoot them multiple times, remember! Watch out for principal Brown, because spitting on him will get you detention, and no one wants that, right? Grab tissue papers to reload. You have to concentrate and use your skills as great as possible if you want to do a great job. Fun is going to be guaranteed, so start the game right now, and when you are done, make sure to check the entire category to see even more brilliant games that we offer you there!


Use the mouse.


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wayne heil 18.02.2018 12:13

not enough control over spitball seem to loose player early on [like whats the object again?

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