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Ninjago The Final Battle is my favorite ninjago game where you will team up with all the masters of spinjitzu and the teachers from the Wu School like Jay, Kay and others. Here you will have to finish all 7 leves to become the new Spinjitzu Master of Ninjago. If you watch the cartoon on Cartoon Network you know that Wu need more warriors like you so if you have some friends that want to be ninjago warriors just show them this site, In total you will have 7 levels starting with Monastery, Desert, Frozen Wastlands, Caves of Despair, The Tops and the last is Temple of Lights. This game is one of the most interesting 3D games because is a lego and Ninjago Unity 3D Game where you will fight with the most talented enemies. You will play in the start with Lloyd, the greatest warrior from Ninjago team and you will need to fight with a big monster that threaten the normal life from the village. All the trains from other games will be very helpful in Ninjago The Final Battle where real fight will take place between you and other warriors. Playing this game you will gain more straitght and strategical skills so we recommend you this new game. We hope that you like Ninjago The Final Battle and we are waiting you for more fun with the Ninjago family from Cartoon Network.


Use the arrows to move and SPACE for fighting.

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jacko 01.01.2019 21:12

not bad

HacagaVeMubis 04.08.2017 18:04

Ezik Amerikanlar.Fool Americans !

david 28.02.2017 13:20

vreau sa mearga

yasmine 01.10.2016 13:54


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