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We love coming back to the Gumball Games category as often as possible, which is why right now you are all invited to check our our newest addition to this Cartoon Network Games category, a game called Sky Streaker, which we have enjoyed a lot, because there are no other jumping games in this category, and we know that platform jumping games are beloved all over the world, especially if they have such great characters in it. Worry not, because right now we are going to explain the gameplay, so make sure that you read this description to the end, carefully! You are going to use the arrow keys to climb the pole, moving to the left and to the right using the corresponding arrows. As you climb, try your best to grab as many coins as possible, to get a really big score. Also, there are going to be clothes sometimes, and you have to avoid grabbing them, because if the character gets dressed up, you fall and lose the game, having to start all over again. Now that you know all this, nothing should hold you back from starting the game immediately, and having fun like only here it is possible to have!


Use the arrow keys.


Sky Streaker Walkthrough

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