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Of course we were going to return to the Gumball Games category from our website today as well, since we know for sure it is one of the best categories of Cartoon Network Games from our website, so we always love to bring more awesome content in it, just like we have seen that you really like to play the games that we bring you in it, and we are sure that Tidy Up! is going to be no exception, especially since we have played this game and we know for sure it is a blast. We will now explain it, so make sure to keep on reading the description to the end! You are going to use the mouse to click on furniture or fixtures in order to fix them, and be fast, since you have to do it before the time runs out on you in each level. For some items you might have to click multiple times. To move to different rooms, click on the arrows that you see on the screen. If you see Gumball peeking from another room, that means you have to move over to that one. When you see a clock icon, click on it, since it will give you extra time. Now that you know, start playing immediately, and have fun like it is possible to have it only here!


Use the mouse.


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