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Capture the Slime is one of our newest addition to our wonderful category of Nickelodeon Games, this game being yet another game where you get to play with some of your favorite characters from this network, together, as the game is also going to be included in other categories such as Spongebob Games, The Loud House Games, and Henry Danger Games, which are already some of our best categories, so combining them is certainly a great experience. We are now going to explain how you play the game, so make sure that you read this description to the end! First, choose one of the characters available, who will be helped by two other characters from his own show. You will then battle another team formed of two members, from another show. You run and jump with the arrow keys, use space for the blaster, and Z to use a team attack. Your goal is to find the slime and get it back to your base, and do not let the opposing team do the same thing. Grab lightning bolts to perform team attacks, and clocks to get bonus time, as you are going to be playing against the clock. There are also teleporting portals laying around which you can use. Watch out for any obstacles or traps that are there as well, since they might give you problems. Have fun!


Use the arrow keys, space bar, Z key.


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no nickname 28.06.2019 16:48

it doesn't let me lay! its my fav game

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