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In this new ben 10 original game we will have 2 more aliens that are originally from the first Ben 10 show from Cartoon Network. This game is called Ben 10 Critical Impact and it's one of my favorite game where you have to save the planet one more time! One interesting thing in this game is that you can tranform in two aliens, GhostFreak and Heatblast so you will have all the power. The story it's about a rain of meteorits that threathening all the people from Earth, so you with the power of all the aliens from omniverse have to stop it before it's too late. You will have to destroy all the meteorits using Heatblast and his power and when you have to duck use Ghostfreak because he is a ghost and he can through anyting. Try to destroy all the meteorits that come to Earth and help the people from this planet. Could you save the world in Ben 10 Critical Impact?


Use the arrows to move and SPACE to shoot. Use Z to transform in Heatblast and X to transform in Ghostfreak.

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