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Welcome everyone to a brand new game belonging to the Gumball Games category from our website, one of the most popular categories of Cartoon Network Games that we have, without a doubt, so of course we are happy whenever we get the chance of offering you new and interesting content, just like with this game, as Recipe Run is going to be unlike any other games you might have played in the category before, so do not miss this opportunity. Allow us to explain how this game works right here and now, so you can get on with it immediately, and do great at it from beginning to end! The characters are going to run on their own, and you have to do your best and make sure to get them safely to the finish point with the dish in their hands. Swipe the mouse up to jump, and swipe it down to duck, as there will be plenty of obstacles in your path. There is also a Darwin button which you should press because it is going to make Darwin protect Gumball from things that might be blocking him. Good luck to everyone playing the game, and when you are done, make sure to check other games of the same category as well, since they are also great!


Use the mouse.


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