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Thin Ice is our newest addition to the Incredibles 2 Games category from our website, a category of games which we have seen you are liking quite a lot, so of course we want to provide you with as many new and interesting games in it, games such as this one, where you are going to have the first opportunity for this website to play with Fro-Zone, one of the main characters in the film, a super hero able to freeze things. He needs your help on a mission, and we will now explain how you can provide him with it, so make sure that you keep on reading! You will help him maneuver through the rooftops of the city, using this freezing abilities. Make sure to avoid all enemies that are going to show up in your path. You are going to use the arrow keys to move, and the space bar in order to jump. Along the way there will be spinning items, which you should grab in order to get points in return and have a big score by the end of the game. Good luck to everyone, and we invite you to try the other games of this category as well, since we can guarantee a lot of fun from them!


Use the arrow keys and space bar.


Thin Ice Walkthrough

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