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These Lumps is our newest addition to the Adventure Time Games category, which we know for a fact is one quite beloved category of Cartoon Network Games, so whenever we get the chance of bringing you new content in it, you can rest assured that we take it, so we have no doubt at all that you are going to have an enjoyable time with this one as well, since we have seen that games in this category are played many times. We will now explain what it is you have to do in this one, so you are surely going to do a great job at it. You are going to be a lump, and you have to bump dancers with smaller spotlights on them. To float you are going to hold down the mouse button. Before the time runs out on you completely, bump as many as possible, and get a big score, since that should be your goal. Be careful because there are larger lumps than you, and you do not want to be bumping into them, that's for sure. Now you know all there is to be known regarding the game, so start it right away, and stay with us, as we still have more games to share with you all day long!


Use the mouse.


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