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Welcome to the first ever game added into the Black Panther Games category from our website, which is the newest category of Marvel Games and Super Heroes Games, and which we have created because a super hero with the same name set in the MCU is going to be showed all over the world really soon, and we want to be prepared with awesome games featuring the characters for the children who are definitely going to want to play with their new favorite characters. We are now going to proceed by explaining what it is you have to do in Vibranium Hunt, so make sure that you pay attention! You are going to have to get back the vibranium that has been stolen by the villain of the movie, and of this game. You move around using the arrow keys, or with the mouse, by clicking in the direction that you want to go towards. When enemies are in your circle, you are going to auto-attack. If you gather up enough energy, you can press the space bar and release a shock wave, which is going to take down multiple enemies at once. Fight off everyone, defeat the villain, and take back what is yours! Have fun, only here, on the best website for games ever!


Use the mouse and space bar.


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