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Welcome to How to Win at High School, which is the first ever game added into the Gamer's Guide to Pretty Much Everything Games category from our website, which is the newest category of Disney XD Games that our administrative team has created, because the show that these games are based upon are still showing in countries all over the world, so we are sure that they are plenty of children interested in them, so we want to be able to share them with you. This one is also one of the best role playing games online you will get the chance to play, so even better, right? Well, we will now explain how this game works, so pay attention! You are going to start by creating your character, just like in most video games, and complete this action by putting in your name. You are then going to use the arrow keys to move around, and the mouse to interact. You have all sorts of tasks to complete, interacting with the characters from the show, going on adventures and doing all sorts of things, because being active is honestly the only way you can win at high school. Start right now, and have a blast, just like we did!


Use the arrow keys and the mouse.


How to Win at High School Walkthrough

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