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We really love bringing new Lego Ninjago Games to the visitors of our website, since we know it is one of the most beloved categories of Lego Games that we have here, as well as Cartoon Network Games, so we could not have missed the opportunity of sharing with each and every one of you the game called Lego Ninjago Parkour, which is a brand new game from the series, unlike any you have played in this category before. Because of that reason, we are now going to explain how the game works, after which you should be able to play it with ease and have no problems at it! Well, the ninja is going to run by himself, so you have to press the up arrow key in order to make him jump, either to jump over platforms to advance, or to collect diamonds, which you should do as much as possible, since they represent your score, and we are sure you want to have a really big one. Do not let yourself stop, because if you do, the screen catches up to you, and you lose the game. Good luck to you all playing the game, and when you are done, do not hesitate to try other games from the same category, as they are worth it!


Use the up arrow key.


Lego Ninjago Parkour Walkthrough

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