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We know that you love both robot games and action games, which is why we were very happy to get the chance of combining these two categories when we found the game called Robo Battle, which we really wanted to share with each and every one of you, since we have played it and had a great time doing so, which is why we wanted the game on our website, so that as many of you are going to also have the same experience, and keep on having a great time on our website. Allow us to describe what it is you do in the game and how, after which you should have no problems playing it at all! You will use the arrow keys to move and jump with the robot you control, and if you want to shoot or fire, press the A key. You have to go around in each level, defeating all of the robots coming in your way, and avoiding any obstacles or traps. There are power-ups and helpful items you should grab though, since they are going to help you a lot. Try and make as many points as possible, and at all cost avoid losing your three lives, since that means losing the entire game, and you do not want that, for sure!


Use the arrow keys and A key.


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