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Here we are, back with the Age of War Games, which we have seen that you have liked quite a lot so far, which is why whenever we find a new one we are going to make sure to share it with each and every one of you as well, until this series of games is complete, and you get to have a lot of fun playing all of them, which is what we want to do with any series of games we usually bring to our website. If you have played such games before, you know what to do, but if not, make sure to keep reading to the end in order to find out what the game is all about. Well, in this game you are going to have to be good at strategy, as you need to find the best solutions in order to win each battle that you take part in, upgrade your forces and build a better base, and stand up to bigger and badder villains. You take your forces and grow them from birth, making them into soldiers, which you then have to use to protect your home but at the same time also invade, and become a powerful force! Good luck, and if you are new to the series, when you are done with this game, make sure to check out the other ones as well!


Use the mouse.


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