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More GTA Games must always be welcome on our website, which is why our administrative team has just added for you all the game called Ace Gangster 2, one of the newest car stealing games, shooting games and action games we have for you, which we are sure you will enjoy, especially since the first game in this series, as it is obvious this one is a sequel, has been very well received and played lots of times, so we are sure the same will apply for the sequel as well. You can learn how to play it from this description, in case you have not played the first game first. You walk with the WASD keys, space for action, and Z to enter a building. For riding a bike or driving a car you will use the following controls: the arrow keys, the space bar to switch to walking. You are going to use the mouse to aim and shoot your gun, as you are a gangster, so you will have weapons. Hijack cars, race other cars, do all sorts of jobs for different gangs, and make sure to clear your wanted level, since it rises the more bad things you do. Have fun everyone, and don't forget to check out the other games of the category as well!


Use the mouse.


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