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Puzzle games return to the Blaze and the Monster Machines Games category from our website, where right now each and every one of you is invited to check out the game entitled Pickle Monster Truck, which is the first ever game from the website to only focus on Pickle, who is one of Blaze's best friends, whom we see a lot in the show, so we are sure that he has quite a lot of fans. Well, he is the subject of this puzzle you will solve and have lots of fun with. Don't know how? Then simply keep on reading and all is going to be revealed. Well, you first have to choose how many pieces you want the puzzle to have: 12, 48, 108, and 192. You then see the complete puzzle, so you need to click on shuffle to spread the pieces on the screen randomly. With the mouse you are then going to pick them up, one by one, and put them together to complete the puzzle. Do it before the time granted for that runs out on you, but if you want to play with no clock, remove it by clicking on the T key. Good luck to everyone, and when you are done, give a chance to all the other new games added so far on our website today, as they are worth it!


Use the mouse.


Pickle Monster Truck Walkthrough

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