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In the Cleo and Cuquin Games category there have been all sorts of games added so far, but never before have we added any puzzle games, which is why we are excited that this opportunity has presented itself to us right now when each and every one of you gets the chance of playing a game called Cleo and Cuquin Puzzles, with which there is no way you are not going to have a huge amount of fun, because that was the case for us, which is what made us share it with you. Of course, learn first how to play it by reading this description, but then give it your best from the get go! Start by choosing between the easy, standard and hard levels of difficulty. Then, from the bottom of the screen you are going to choose which of the pictures you want to use for the puzzle. Then, you will see the transparent image with the shapes of the pieces drawn on them. You will get one piece at a time, so grab them with the mouse, and put them over the image, until the puzzle is complete, which means you will have a full and colored picture in front of you. Good luck, and start right now to see yourself how great the game really is!


Use the mouse.


Cleo and Cuquin Puzzles Walkthrough

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