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Interstellar Missions is the name of the first game added by our administrative team into the Miles from Tomorrowland Games/Mission Force One Games, which is a brand new category of Disney Junior Games for which we are very happy that we have managed to add, since we want to make sure that all shows from this network have games on our website, and since the show is currently airing and has lots of fans, it means we are making a lot of children very happy right now. If you want to learn how to play this game, you only need to read this description to the end, carefully! Well, in this game, you are going to do all sorts of missions with the Callisto family, as they are tasked of taking care of space. For example, your first mission is to clear off space junk, over which you move over with the mouse to remove. You can also find different crates and items which might be useful to you, so grab those as well, since they might be of great help. Follow the instructions you receive in further levels, and we are sure you will do great, and enjoy this game a lot, from beginning to end!


Use the mouse.


Interstellar Missions Walkthrough

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