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Takin' Center Stage is our administrative team's latest addition to this newly-created category of Alvin and the Chipmunks Games, which we have seen is shaping up to be one of the best new categories of Nickelodeon Games we have created for you, and that is something that we are honestly not surprised about, considering that the show is a hit, and the games based upon it are all high-quality, like you will see from this one. Of course, we will now tell you what you have to do in it, so make sure that you keep reading this description to the end! First, choose one of the songs, and then choose between the rehearsal and easy modes of difficulty, and only after passing the easy one will you be able to try the harder ones as well. Musical notes are going to come from the left and from the right, and when they get to the center, that is where you have to press either the right arrow key, or the left one, depending from which side it is coming from, and if you get it right, you play the song correctly. Do not miss too many times, because you might ruin the performance. Good luck to all of you, and we hope you will have fun, we certainly did!


Use the arrow keys.


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