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Welcome all to Sparkle Blaster, the first ever game added into the Unikitty Games category, which is our latest category of Cartoon Network Games and Lego Games, based on the show with the same name that has recently started airing on Cartoon Network all over the world, and with a character from the Lego Movie being in the fore-front, we have no doubt at all that these games will be very popular, and our website will be the best place to find and play them, as we were the first ones to create this category. We will now proceed and explain the format of this game, as we are sure that you are eager to start playing it as soon as possible! Negativity is coming down towards Unikitty, and towards her kingdom, so you are going to help her shoot it all down, by shooting with all sorts of cute and happy things. To do so, click in the direction you want to shoot, and shoot everything that is coming down before it reaches the cat. Before the time granted for each level, shoot down as much negativity as possible, getting points in return, and try to make a score as big as possible. Good luck to everyone, as we are sure you will be playing this wonderful game!


Use the mouse.


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sherif 03.08.2019 16:52

Game wonderful and beautiful

48052014 30.12.2018 12:50


Kc 02.11.2018 03:56

So cool 😀😀😀😀😀

heyitz_danya 13.03.2018 18:40

this game is not good

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