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We have now returned to the Chuggington Games category for a second and last time today, bringing you all the game entitled Chuggington Hidden Objects, which is the first ever hidden objects game from the category, as such games have never before been added into this category of Disney Junior Games, which means that you are going to have a new and interesting experience, one we are sure that you are going to love, since we have had fun with the game, so why would you not as well? If you want explanations on how the game works, we will be explaining it all in the next part of the description! Well, the objects that you need to find in each image are going to be listed on the bottom of the game screen. When you see one of those objects, click on them, which is going to grant you points in return, in addition to removing them from the image. You should find them all before the time granted runs out, or you lose the game, and the faster you are, the more bonus points you get. Clicking wrong costs you 20 points, so try not to do it too many times! Good luck, and make sure to try other games from this category as well, as they deserve it!


Use the mouse.


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