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Welcome everyone back to the Lego Ninjago Games category, for which right now we have prepared the game entitled Ninjago Rescue, which we definitely want you all to play, since it is going to be fresh and interesting, and different from everything else that you have played in this category in the past, so this will be a great that we are sure you will enjoy a lot, and which you are going to remember for quite a long time. To make sure this is the case, we will continue the description by explaining in it how the game works, which should be lots of help in you winning it! To move you are going to use the four arrow keys, or the hand if you play on a tablet or phone. Along the way, try and grab as many coins as possible, for points, and make sure not to lose your three lives. There will be lots of obstacles and traps, as well as enemies, all of which you should avoid. Reach the end of each level unharmed, so that you get closer and closer to the captive princess, which you are going to rescue. We wish everyone playing this game good luck, and invite you to check out some of our other new games of the day, as they are totally deserving of your time, just as this one was!


Use the arrow keys.


Ninjago Rescue Walkthrough

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