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Raid of the Stone Monsters is the second game that our administrative team is offering you all today into the Lego Nexo Knights Games category, this category of Cartoon Network Games and Lego Games that we know you love a lot, which is exactly why we could not have missed the opportunity of sharing a game such as this one with you all, since there is nowhere else where you can find and play it, meaning that you are about to have a new and fresh experience, which we certainly recommend to all! Let's first explain what you have to do and how in the game, so that you can start playing it at once! Well, the stone monsters are attacking, so click on them repeatedly in order to turn them into stone completely, and defeat them. When you have enough energy, you will be able to activate special abilities, which are first going to turn you into a huge knight, which you can then equip with different abilities and special techniques. Good luck to everyone playing the game, and when you are done, do not forget to share this game and all of our other games with your friends, so they also have plenty of fun!


Use the mouse.


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Xia Mudi 21.06.2019 09:18

this game is super!

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