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We have now returned once more in the Lego Ninjago Games category from our website, where our administrative team is very happy to present to you all the game called Lego Ninjago Under Attack, which is going to be a game unlike any other ones you have played here before, meaning you should get yourself ready for a fresh and interesting new experience, which is what we always want to offer you with our games, so having this one here was a must as well! Worry not about how you will do in it, since right now we are going to explain, so that you will be able to win it with ease! Well, the four ninjas are going to be back to back, each one being ready for an attack on their side. When one ninja is attacked, press the directional arrow key corresponding to him, so that you defeat that monster or enemy before it attacks you. Doing so earns you points, as well as ensures your survival. Try to stay on as long as possible, because the more you do, the more energy you also get, and you should then be able to use special attacks and techniques, when you have gathered enough. Start playing right now, and have fun like it is possible to have only on our website!


Use the arrow keys.


Lego Ninjago Under Attack Walkthrough

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