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Outpost Swarm is one of the newest action games and shooting games added by our team into the Miniclip Games category, where we are always going to try and bring you as many awesome games as possible, since we know that you have been loving the games we have added here recently, so more of them must certainly be welcome. We have had lots of fun with Outpost Swarm, since it is a futuristic game where you get to go around in a destroyed world and shoot up enemies. In case you want to know how to do it, we invite you to read this description to the end, with a lot of focus. Hold Q or A to change the weapon, mouse to aim and shoot, space bar to use the terminals, and move using the arrow keys. Go around each location, defeating all enemies that show up in your path, grab weapons, and interact with your environment in order to advance and finally exit the facility in order to win the game, without being defeated. Good luck to all of you trying this game, and we invite you to stay with us, as the day only began, meaning that plenty of awesome games are on their way, and you don't want to miss out on them, trust us on that!


Use the Q,A, space bar and arrow keys, as well as the mouse.


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