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Soccer Square is yet another brilliant new game we have just added into the Monica's Gang Games category, where never before have we added any soccer games online/football games online, and we are very happy to do so, since this show comes from Brazil, where soccer is the most popular sport, so we are not going to be surprised if this will become one of the most popular games that we have ever added into this category. Now, in this next part of the description we are going to explain the gameplay, which will help you do a great job at it, and thus have lots of fun. Well, you are going to choose with which of the two feet you want to shoot, and thus the direction of your shoot, and shoot using the space bar, which, the more you hold, the powerful your shot is going to be. The goal is to try and hit as many of the lighting bolts on the screen as possible, and you can use multiple shots, if the ball bounces back to you, after which you will be able to shoot it back. You can't if it slips past you, or if it stops. Good luck to all, and we hope you will not leave, since the day will be filled with countless awesome games not to miss out on!


Use the arrow keys and space bar.


Soccer Square Walkthrough

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