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We are back with another great game from Ben 10, Uncle Max and Gwen. A game where you will have to use all the force that you have and all the experience from other games with Ben 10 to be the best and save the Earh and her people again from extiction. In the next Ben 10 The Alien Device game you will have to make sure that all the team work hard to finish the game. At the start of the game you will see a short movie from where we find that some bad people from Earth managed to construct a machine that can follow and trak down all alines devices from earth, omnitrix too so Ben 10, Gwen and Max are in real danger because the army are coming for them. You will have to help Ben 10 in his mission for stopping the bad people from stealing all that alien tehnologies because we all know that if it will be use in bad causes it will destroy humanity. Play Ben 10 The Alien Device and make sure you are the best player that is playing this game on Friv!


Use the mouse for playing Ben 10 The Alien Device. Ask people to find more informations.

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