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We know that more Paddle Pop Adventures Games on our website are always welcome, which is why we could not miss the chance of sharing with you all right now a new game to play, a game which is called Get Shadow Master, which is lots of fun, something that we make sure is the case with all of the new games that we add on our website. It is a game where together with Paddle Pop you are finally going to face off with Shadow Master, the villain of the show. Want to know how? Then simply read this description to the end, and you will be just fine! Jump, duck, move left and right using the four arrow keys. Press the space bar to shoot special power. You can only beat the villain by using your special power. You can use it when the meter has filled up, so wait for that and time it right. Run and hide behind him in order to avoid his attacks, and thus keeping your health up. It's pretty straightforward, and lots of fun as well, so why not start the game right now? Make sure to check out other games from this category as well after this one, in case you have never before played any others of them!


Use the arrow keys and space bar.


Get Shadow Master Walkthrough

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