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Kung Fu Racer is the final new game we are providing you with today into the Paddle Pop Games category from our website, which we have seen you are enjoying quite a lot, so obviously we are going to try and bring you as many great new games in it as we can, because that is the only way that you are going to keep having fun with these characters with whom we are sure that you have already fallen in love with. This is a game where you are going to have to race against a monkey who knows kung fu. How? Well, allow us to explain the next part of this description, so read carefully. Well, in order to run and control the movement of the lion, you are going to use the four arrow keys, and to jump you are going to press the space bar. Try not to bump into obstacles, so as not to lose your health bar, which means losing one life, and losing three lives means losing the game. Instead, do your best and grab as many ice cream pops from the track as possible, since they grant you points, and getting a big score is important in such a game. Good luck to all, and we hope you are going to stick around with us for some even more great games tomorrow!


Use the arrow keys and space bar.


Kung Fu Racer Walkthrough

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