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Here we are, back into the Paddle Pop Adventures Games category, which we have noticed you like quite a lot, so we figured that bringing more games into it today is going to be a good decision for us to take, and we have no doubt at all that we have done the right one, which we are going to see after the game has had lots of hits. Just like you have gotten used to from this category, this one is also going to bring something new to the table, so we really hope you will try it. In case you do, allow us next to explain how it works and what you do in it, so that no problems are going to appear. Start by choosing which of the two characters you want to be. Move and run using the four arrow keys, and press the space bar to jump. Avoid being run over by the deer, and avoid touching them as well, since these things are going to cost you a life, and you have only three lives available. At the same time, from the track, try and collect as many ice cream pops as possible, since you get points from each, and having a big score by the end of the game is something you should strive for. Good luck we wish to everyone, hoping you will have as much fun as we did with this game!


Use the arrow keys and space bar.


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