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Be the first one that play the first game from one of the newst category from Friv-Games-Today.com, and that's Love Test Games, a full category with games where you will find if you can match with your crush! The following game is named Test Your Love Chemistry and here we have a crazy scientist that have found a miracolous chemistry potion that will say if you match with your crush, if she loves you back or he loves you back. When you enter in Test Your Love Chemistry game you will have to enter your name and your love one name. Let's try to add Friv-Games-Today, our site and Google. After we enter our informations the crazy scientist will do his job and try to find if we match or not. After 10 secons we see the result. It seems that we have 81% chances to be togheter and after this we have a short text that says: "We see love bubbles in the air... it's an explosion of pure love!". I hope that you like our first love tester game online, and we are waiting you for more games like Test Your Love Chemistry!


Use the mouse to play Test Your Love Chemistry.

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This game was added in 30.05.2016 14:30 and it was played 2627 times. The game from Love Test Games raised a rate of 67% pro votes and 33% contra votes. We have 0 commets, so if you liked the game please have your say, and don't forget that Test Your Love Chemistry it's from Love Test Games.