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N-Tek is once again under attack by the many minions of the show's villain, so it is only you, together with Max Steel, our favorite hero, who can make sure that the facility is protected, and that you are going to win against the forces of evil who are trying to destroy N-Tek, and any hope that might stand between the villains taking over the world. Of course, you are going to have an action-packed game where together with Max you are going to protect this facility and defeat monsters, and if you want to know how you will do it, allow us to explain right here and now, and see it is easy. You have the blue meter showing your life, which regenerates automatically, but getting hit too many times might cost you the game. Move using the A and D keys, use the W key for jumping, and crouch down using the S key. Shoot all of the enemies in your way, or anything else that you have to take down, using the mouse, with which you both aim and shoot. Good luck to everyone, and we hope that you are then going to check out the other games of the category, in case you did not already played them!


Use the WASD Keys and mouse.


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