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Welcome all back to the Max Steel Games category, where today we plan on bringing you new awesome games as well, since we have seen in the previous days that the games that we have added into the category have all been received quite well, so we figured that more of them would not hurt at all, especially since they are available, and many of these games you can't find on other websites, so for some of you this might be the first time you play a game such as Max Steel Ultralink Attacks. The way the game works will be explained in this next part of the description, so pay attention to it! You can choose between the survival and the hero modes to play in. You are going to use the arrow keys to move, and the A and S keys to use attacks. Use the space bar to jump, and the shift key if you want to transform. Give it your best from beginning to end in order to defeat all of the enemies, as you are going to be under attack constantly, and you can't let them survive, or they will destroy you. Good luck to all, and we hope you will stick around, since the day only started, meaning more great games are on their way!


Use the arrow keys, space bar, shift key, A and S keys.


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