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Well, it is always a pleasure for our administrative team to return to the Io Games category, which is why we are doing it right now, when all of you are invited to try out the game called Nend.Io, which is going to be different from everything else that you have played in the past here, and it is precisely for that reason that we added the game, since we want to make sure that this category is as diverse as it can be, and new content can only help with that. Find out next what you do in the game and how, after which you should be having no stress at all about how you will play it. Well, start by creating your avatar, putting in your name, and selecting the server you want to play on. This is a city survival game where you are going to upgrade your skills, buy and sell buildings, and do your best to become the richest player. Move with the WASD keys, use the left mouse button to hit, E or space to interact, and the M key to use the map. Go around, do deals of all sorts, and always try to come up on top, if you want to become the best at this game. Good luck we wish to everyone playing it!


Use the WASD keys, E key, mouse.


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