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Mordecai has been kidnapped by the evil puppet, who now forces Rigby to play his wicked game in order to save him, so there is no one better to be of help to our beloved Cartoon Network character than you, which you get to do if you play this new game added into the Regular Show Games category, a game which is entitled Mordecai cu ATV-ul, and with which we are happy to say we have had a great time, especially since it does not resemble anything else added here already. It is an interactive game whose gameplay we will explain right now, making sure that you will not have difficulties in playing it. Click wherever you want to walk towards. To interact with objects and people, click on them, and then select an action from those available. You trigger actions by dragging objects from your inventory over any element on the stage, or over other items in the inventory to combine them. Go through dialogues to find clues, and interact with the world around you in order to complete the game and finally rescue Mordecai. Good luck to everyone playing the game, as we hope you will have a great time with it, like we have had!


Use the mouse.


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