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Welcome all to yet another brilliant game we have just added into our category of Regular Show Games/Mordecai and Rigby Games, which we plan on making as awesome as possible, and the only way that we can achieve that goal is if we keep on bringing you awesome new games in it, which is why we could not have missed the chance of right now sharing with you all Regular Show Volcano Escape, since it is game unlike all of the others we have added in the past in this category. Allow us right now to explain how it works, after which you should do great at it, no doubt about it! Well, rocks are going to fall down from the sky, as the volcano has erupted. You are going to move the character using the arrow key, with the goal of avoiding the rocks, because the more rocks you avoid falling on your head, the more points you get in return. You have a limited number of lives, so losing them all means losing the game, so be very careful not to let that happen, or win a lot of points before that does happen. In the end, we wish you all good luck, and invite you to play more games from this category, as they are worth it!


Use the arrow keys.


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