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Welcome all to I am The Ninja II, one of the best new skill games and new ninja games online from our website, with which we have just had a great time from start to finish, something we have no doubt at all is going to be true for you all if you give it a chance, since that is what usually happens when we bring new and awesome games here, games that we make sure to play before adding, so that we know you will find something great. Of course, next up we will be explaining this one, so we recommend reading this description to the end, carefully! Well, you are going to play a role of a ninja who is going to be running ahead in each level, and you need to help him avoid all of the spikes and other obstacles that will appear. The further you go, the more points you get, and each new level brings new challenges as well. You use the left arrow key to stop, the right one to dash, the up one to jump, and the down one to slide. Use these controls in order to avoid all obstacles, and try to get a score as big as possible by the end of the game, which means you will have plenty of fun as well! Good luck to all, and have fun!


Use the arrow keys.


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