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Well, if you like fighting games, especially kung fu fighting game online and beat em up games, then you are lucky, since in our category of Action Games you are going to be able to play such a game right now, a game which is entitled Kung Fu Fight Beat em up, and which we have enjoyed greatly from start to finish, so we knew that we had to share it with you as well, so that as many of you also have fun with it, since that is the main reason why we keep offering you content here! We will now proceed to explain how this game works, so that you are not going to have any difficulties in playing it! Well, you are going to be attacked from the right and from the left, so you are going to press the corresponding arrow keys to attack back, and defeat all of the enemies who will come before you, getting points in return. Do not let yourself be hit too many times, since losing all of your lives means losing the game entirely, which we are sure you do not want to happen, would you not agree? Each level is harder than the last, but also more fun, so make sure to give it your best at all of them!


Use the arrow keys.


Kung Fu Fight Beat Em Up Walkthrough

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