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Asteroid Burst is an amazing game which we have just added for you all on our website, one of the first ever to combine spaceship games with bubble shooting games, which we are sure that is going to prove quite an amazing and unique experience for you all, just like it was for us, which is why we knew that we could not resist the chance of sharing this game with you all, so that as many children from all over the world also have the chance to have fun with it. Now, we are going to explain what you do in this game, after which we encourage you to start it immediately, and give it your best at it! Well, you are going to control the movement of your ship using the four arrow keys or the WASD keys, and with the mouse you are going to shoot. You are going to shoot colored rounds, as you have to take down colored asteroids. Of course, you need to make multiple groups of identical colored asteroids in order to remove them, destroying them and getting points in return. Of course, make sure not to let the asteroids touch you, since you will be destroyed and you lose the game. Good luck to everyone, and we hope you will have a great time!


Use the WASD keys and mouse.


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